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Discover Your Enneagram Essence

The Enneagram is a self-discovery and personal growth tool, based on 9 basic personality types. As a coach who has been trained in the Enneagram - I will show you how to accurately find your number, and together we will discuss and begin to understand on a fundamental level why you think, feel and behave the way you do. We will gently bring to light your numbers core fears and core motivations - all with the goal of thoughtfully crafting your personal path forward for positive transformation. I have used the power of the Enneagram with children, pre-teens, young adults, and grown adults. Anyone can benefit. 

Create Your Couples Essence - Enneagram 

One of the main challenges that couples face, is the inability to understand why their partner thinks, feels and behaves the way they do. Utilizing the The Enneagram and diving deep into you and your partners numbers,

we can reveal why certain blocks have been difficult to navigate through, or consistently shown up as

re-occurring issues within the relationship. When we begin to see that our partners have their own numbers, and ways of operating and behaving that are innate to them - we then release the need for judgment, blame or confusion. As a Coach, I will gently guide both partners towards personal self acceptance of their own numbers - and then acceptance and understanding of their partners numbers as well.  

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