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Essential Oils Coaching - 1 session - 30 minutes


Pure essential oils are a wonderful alternative to synthetic products. More than just simply "natural" products - each bottle has a unique chemical makeup and unique purpose. Essential oils have dozens of benefits for the body and mind and they can be used to help transform and uplift you physically, mentally, and emotionally in your daily life. As your Coach, I will discuss with you different ways and opportunities to incorporate essential oils into your daily, well-being routine.  Learn more about the essential oils I use HERE.

Oracle Card Reading - 1 session - 30 minutes

Oracle cards can provide powerful encouragement, and deeply profound information. Pulling cards for oneself is very beneficial, however, you as the reader bring your own hopes, fears and insights into the interpretation. When I as a Coach pull Oracle cards, I can provide a bias free reading, that utilizes my energy, intuition and desire for your highest good - to give the most uplifting and resonant reading and interpretation. Not all readings are the same, as I let you and your energy dictate what decks I pull from and how many cards I pull. Each reading is as unique as you are!

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