Life + Mindset

Life + Mindset Coaching - 3 session minimum - 1 hr each


If you are feeling stuck, experiencing a block in your life, or you feel there is "more" out of life that you desire, but you can't identify or cultivate it - a Life + Mindset Coaching session package would be perfect for you. As a Coach my role is to artfully investigate - What needs to shift in order to get YOU where you want to be? Even if you can identify exactly what is holding you back (divorce, job loss, addiction, unresolved trauma) by working with me as a Coach, we can formulate positive action steps that will help you move past the block and into a season of personal growth and a feeling of thriving. Together, we will engage in meaningful conversations and practices that will help you start to see, believe and act in your own best interest. We will Renew your sense of self, your mind and your purpose. And we will Reframe your perceptions, goals and limiting beliefs. 

"REMEMBER YOUR ESSENCE" Coaching Course - 8 sessions - 1 Hour each

"This carefully curated 8-week course will guide you towards cultivating deeper understanding, self acceptance and arriving at real clarity. Re-discover your passions and authentic being, while growing in self trust. Each week - you shed layers of trauma, confusion and harmful messaging that have latched onto you through your painful life experiences. Together we will address your unique fears, needs, and specific life "blocks" holding you back. This gentle yet powerful course will allow you to lean in, wake up, heal and embody the highest version of yourself. By doing the work - you are released back to your inner essence: the vibrant being and soul-person you truly are and always have been!"