Life + Mindset

Life + Mindset Coaching - 3 session minimum - 1 hr each


If you are feeling stuck, experiencing a block in your life, or you feel there is "more" out of life that you desire, but you can't identify or cultivate it - a Life + Mindset Coaching session package would be perfect for you. As a Coach my role is to artfully investigate - What needs to shift in order to get YOU where you want to be? Even if you can identify exactly what is holding you back (divorce, job loss, addiction, unresolved trauma) by working with me as a Coach, we can formulate positive action steps that will help you move past the block and into a season of personal growth and a feeling of thriving. Together, we will engage in meaningful conversations and practices that will help you start to see, believe and act in your own best interest. We will Renew your sense of self, your mind and your purpose. And we will Reframe your perceptions, goals and limiting beliefs. 

Radical Self Acceptance Coaching Package - 8 sessions - 1 Hour each

"How can you fully love and accept something - without really knowing what it is?" If you feel drawn to this package - then you have probably felt deep down inside that you are more than ready to jump in head first, and completely transform. If you've been keeping your eyes and heart open for just the right opportunity to present itself - than the "Radical Self Acceptance" Course makes perfect sense for you. This carefully curated 8 week course will guide your journey through cultivating more self- knowing, self-understanding, self-accepting and higher levels of self-worthiness. Together you and I will discover and discuss your character strengths, your enneagram personality, your unique fears, needs, and motivations, the specific life "blocks" holding you back, and a variety of other revealing and helpful data about you! You will not see yourself the same or feel like the same person when this course is through - it will allow you to lean in, wake up, and begin to create the highest version of yourself.