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A 1:1 Coaching Course for Women

Enrollment Dates: March 22nd + April 22nd

This is not a group course - this is a fully immersive, live one on one coaching experience with Debra.

Your "essence" is the intrinsic nature and indispensable magic that makes you uniquely who you are. Throughout our lives, we can lose touch with that radiant part of ourselves, and feel lost, empty or blocked.


Allow yourself to be guided back towards a deeper understanding of your true self and your true essence, while re-discovering your innate passion, wisdom and authentic being.   

This carefully curated 8 module course will address your unique fears, desires, and specific life "blocks" that are holding you back, while growing your self trust and sense of empowerment. With each module - you will lean deeper into the parts of you that are yearning for attention, love, transformation and healing.

You will receive one on one coaching to support you in releasing and re-working your limiting beliefs, child-hood conditioning, relationship patterns and wounds, and any harmful or confusing messages that have "dimmed" your light. 


Leaning into this life altering work will result in compassionate self awareness and deep inner wholeness that will improve your relationship to self and others, and provide clarity for career, family and lifestyle choices that are in your best interest.    


Not only will you remember your essence - you will live each day from that vibrant, soul-centered core - and step into fully owning your special purpose and story.


Enrollment Dates:

March 22nd

April 22nd

Course Cost:


Course Time Commitment:

8 weeks with 1 session weekly

4 weeks with 2 sessions weekly

Image by Christina Deravedisian

 "I took her 8 week course - it was the best decision I ever made. Debra is an amazing Life Coach. She is professional, loving, caring, very knowledgeable - We did energy clearings and meditations that were very impactful for me - gave me a lot of insight. Thank you for shining your light on me, Debra."

- Emebet L 

Want to know more? 

"Could I call Debra a Soul Transformation Coach?

It feels like it. Being in a Coaching relationship with Debra feels like a journey into seeing my soul, my spirit, my reason for being, my greatest strengths and's a crossing and you don't know what's on the other side of yourself...until you arrive there together."


- Carey A

"Such a huge process - what I walked away with is priceless! I have shared my story with so many people. Debra really helped me change everything! She made me want to live."

- Cherie G

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